(9) Episode 1 – THE CONCEPTION6 min read

We are 50 minutes into the new year 2018.

Mumbai – a city never sleeps, remarkably on a new year eve, it sleeps better and a bit early as the sudden celebration freaks outnumber the routines. Fondly called ‘Raat Dhandhaa waalas’ (night business birds) would take an off this night. Rain dramatically changed the tone of celebrations this time. It’s still drizzling as if whispering to everyone “be cool, drive slowly, get back to home safely” and the Police are busy in patrolling and dispersing the crowds as a lullaby to the city.

One of such patrolling police van’s halted under an overhead bridge at the Juhu circle. Mukund a young sub-inspector gets down the vehicle, sighs in a relaxing expression, and enjoys the natural soothing shower of rain for a brief moment and steps into the van and starts conversing with his driver “Bharath, let’s wait here, our folks are supposed to join us at 1 AM”.

We hear her dripping down slowly as a raindrop from the sky..  “I’m Kalki, I can sense I have only a split second of life left in me. I have no regrets, no more wishlists, no ‘miss u’ hugs for anyone. I truly, completely lived as me, experienced everything that is meant for me. Here I end.”

Kalki’s body stumbles over the patrol van, literally shakes off the van and both the cops emotionally. In an anxious spree, both get out to realize a young teenage girl. She is motionless, with eyes opened up. Both of them look up to find the sight of anyone at the bridge.

“Noone over the bridge, She may have fallen down from the bridge, Bharath every second is crucial, spin up, a hospital is just a half mile away” both rushes her to the hospital, as it’s a 24 hour’s operating one with Accident and Emergency department, doctors are available to attend her immediately. As they examine…

“Bharath, I think she had a good chance to survive, I have seen many cases, she is brought to care within 10 minutes of the accident. It’s good! It’s really good to her”. The doctor walked into them to say, “Sorry! officer she was already gone”. Both are puzzled and questioning themselves “How come?”.

* * *

1997 Pondicherry – A 150 feet waiting room of a small clinic. Half a dozen of folks are waiting for their turn to visit the doctor. Leena, a 26 year fair, young, Anglo Indian lady (gonna be Kalki’s mother) is subtly surfing through a magazine, the title of “Dubai – world’s busiest airport in making” got the privilege of her attention. She surprised to know, in 20 years of time Dubai airport may experience an astonishing air traffic of at least a takeoff/landing per every 2 minutes. With the voice of “Leena! you may see the doctor now” from the nurse, she orphans the magazine over the table and walks into doctor’s room.

“Come on Leena! Please take your seat. Nothing to worry, sometimes drowsiness is good too. You are Pregnant !” Leena didn’t expect this, in fact, she didn’t want it now. The doctor was surprised to see a lack of excitement and curiosity in Leena. To smoothen the scene she continued..”I understand it’s 97 and some of the couples plan the timing of conception, it may feel you are not ready yet. Believe me, surprising unplans are the best things than the planned ones. Cheer up!”

surprising unplans are the best things than the planned ones. Cheer up!
With a half smile, she left the doctor and hopped into an auto-rickshaw “boy! take me to church street”. Her mind traffic is much busier than the future Dubai airport, flights of thoughts are taking off in all possible directions with no clue of any consolement. “Being a sole breadwinner, I’m already fighting out to balance this teaching job and Pranav. More than affordability, what is left in him to share the love. Within a year, the strides he took away from my attention and affection is no smaller to bring back the good old caring part of him. His dream of achievements and ambitions have already killed our reality, why should an innocent bud face the heat ?”

The strong smell of marigold flowers from the flower market yard hit her flight of thoughts as a turbulence and brought her back to the senses. It’s only a few yards to her place from there. Handed over a rupee to the auto guy and walked into the backyard of their house. Pranav a genetic engineer and a research scientist who termed as a rash, mad, genius by their fellow ones and the council is under suspension since 6 months with a final warning from the council. The backyard is his research ground, every day, in fact, all the day he spends there with his bio experiments. Leena used to enjoy and respect the passion of Pranav initially, but the obsession of pursuing groundbreaking invention snatched the time and a major chunk of their relationship.

As Leena furiously entered the lab, Pranav is tuning up the temperature levels of an airtight see-through glass specimen container. The specimen inside the container resembled a water jelly and was mobilizing, gradually it portioned out into many small individual units and started transforming to an insect shape. Leena walks up to him and says “I’m Pregnant”. In that neck of the moment, the shaping up insects turn into bettles. 100’s of bettles buzzing in the closed container. That’s what he was looking for. When he knew they are gonna be parents. It’s a double ecstatic feeling. Hugs Leena with an immense pleasure, before he started to express his joy, Leena quotes ” I want to abort ”

* * *

It’s stopped drizzling, the fellow cops joined Mukund at the hospital. Mukund takes his friend Satya aside… “Satya, the autopsy can be done only after the girl’s family is engaged. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any leads of her identification yet. I need your help in scrutinizing the CCTV footage for any possible clues. Meanwhile, I would inspect the overhead bridge and the fell over location.”

“But Mukund, what if it’s an accidental slip or something” what if not Satya. It would be too late to start over after autopsy results. Let’s not take a chance. Due to New year eve, most of the CCTV camera setup’s were upgraded and is fully functional. Moreover, as it is within an hour of timeframe the effort and spotting time shouldn’t be that hard. Satya leaves to the nearby main command and control room at the police headquarters for the video feed.

Mukund with his team after a vigilant hunt recovers a ‘LOFTAIR inhaler’ at the top of the overhead bridge, exactly the spot where she fell down. Bharath intervenes “Sir, this inhaler is used for the breathing problem called “COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)”. COPD is mostly due to long terming smoking, the majority of them should be in above 50’s. When my father got it, I came to know about these details.” Mukund’s mobile starts beeping with Satya on the other side.

“Mukund, I’m able to locate the video footage of the incident. Yes, you are right, someone has pushed her off the bridge. Unfortunately, the aerial view couldn’t capture the culprit face as he got a cap. The only identity that’s been of the curious grade is an initial “CIT” marked on the back of his jacket. I see the same jacket worn by few crossed over the bridge during that evening. It’s a cracker of a case buddy” as Mukund shuts off the phone, rain starts drizzling again.

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Note:- Episode 2 is been constructed on the below most voted plot chosen by the readers. A pure interactive form of story weaving !
  • 'CIT' initial and 'LOFTAIR inhaler' clue's trace 44%, 12 votes
    12 votes 44%
    12 votes - 44% of all votes
  • Identification of Kalki - Still Cops doesn't know who she is 33%, 9 votes
    9 votes 33%
    9 votes - 33% of all votes
  • Kalki's body gets kidnapped by an unknown group to stop the autopsy and thus the real details never gets revealed. 22%, 6 votes
    6 votes 22%
    6 votes - 22% of all votes
Total Votes: 27
January 9, 2018 - January 15, 2018
Voting is closed

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  1. Two stories flashes back and present. Good. But the next episode should also deal with continuation of what happens next in both these stories.

  2. Usual one but the way you described the story makes Extraordinary. What a comparisons like comparing her thoughts with Dubai Airport.Very smartly used the Magazine to describe her state of my mind…😊 and I like the Quatation”Surprising Unplans are best things than the planned one”. Totally a Drizzling experience and a satisfied one…Cheer up👍

  3. Hey according to me, the next scene can be what is Pranav’s reaction on hearing Leena’s decision, all the possible conversation between the two. Next, Mukund tries to get Kalki’s identity while Satya tries to investigate the culprit with the help of Inhaler and the CIT.

  4. Hi Pranitha,

    Thank you for your feedback..Waiting for the vote poll to weave next episode. Ofcourse, continuity would be taken care..

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    1. Thank you for your suggestion buddy.

      Right now, I’m more interested to the readers connect and weaving quality stories.

      Due time and affordability decides steps toward monetization.

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