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* * *

7:00 AM – Hospital Corridor – Mumbai

Kalki, where are you? I dreamt of worse, but this is much ahead of it. Losing you is heart-breaking, I am the most irresponsible father since the evolution of fatherhood, who even couldn’t take care of his daughter’s dead body” Pranav voices out in a pathetic fashion, rushes to the hospital reception to pick the crossword puzzle meant for him. As Satya, Dr. Aadesh and others spectate the sorry situation of the father, Mukund is closing a call “alright, thank you Prathap. Proceed as we discussed

He furiously walks into Pranav, grabs his shirt collar “You idiot, stop acting. I should have respected my intuition in the first place. I had a significant doubt all through, how is a genetic scientist making out with damn soaps? Don’t pretend further and kill our time.I have just been informed your soap factory is absorbed by the cops and we know what it is. Look at you, what a trash you are ?? Open up, what’s the story of this clone?

More than a shock, Pranav blanks out with no expression of emotions ‘Sir, what are you talking about? I don’t understand a dime. It is true that I was into genetic experiments but never made any human clone. In fact, it’s an event way back in 1997. I moved out of genetic stuff back then and never ever touched it till now. No clue who these people are, what they are seeking for and why me??

Nothing to talk then, Satya take him into custody” Mukund orders.

* * *

1997 – Pondicherry

Leena is just back from her routine medical check-up. It’s 7th month of pregnancy now. Though she badly misses Pranav, Slowly her attention shifted to the unborn. The train of thoughts is more tripping around the unborn. She becomes more talkative, in fact, every act she is been into, she is constantly talking to her kid. Replaced the classes at the school with the evening tuitions at home. This move has helped her in getting back to life.

She is taking bath with a list of her favorite tracks playing at the backdrop. she is shuffling around the memories associated with each of the tracks. One such track took her to a memory with her mother. That’s the moment, she started thinking “How good it would have been if my mother is with me now? She would have insisted me to avoid the spicy food, would have accompanied me in the Sunday prayers, would have knit my long hair into a beautiful art, would have completed the fourth wool roll in weaving the warm garbs for her grandkid, most importantly would have been my shoulder of strength, my hand of support, my heart of joy and my piece of mind. Ma !! Why did you leave me alone here ??” Leena starts weeping. Sprinkles of chill water from the shower warm up with her tears.

She tries to hug her baby bump with the hands lined up in opposite directions like a chain formation around the waist. After a desperate effort, her poor heart understands biologically it is impossible. Adamant Leena strives hard, again and again, shouts hard with a loud cry. None is there to witness the emotional drain of the mother and the unborn bud. Her mother ?? Maybe she would have been listening up with tear filled eyes.

Leena’s heart beats on around the unborn “without you how can I live ?? You are the only soul for me. Oh! my love, you are life”

without you how can I live ?? You are the only soul for me. Oh! my love, you are life

* * *

Satya and Mukund drag Pranav into the interrogation room. As they move in, “Send a cup of tea” Mukund instructs a helper on his way into the station. “Pranav! don’t take hard on yourself. You may have heard of police interrogations, believe me even a slap at the receiving end is far painful than your accumulated knowledge on interrogations. Don’t push us” Satya explains in an authoritative voice.

Silence in the interrogation room is shackled by a knock in the door, followed with a serving of tea to Mukund. Taking a sip of tea, he gestures Satya as if to proceed. In a snap of a second, Satya slaps Pranav and yells “Scoundrel, do you think we are inept?

Sir, there is nothing to hide. Kalki is the only soul belongs to me in the world. No difference it would make, where I can end up from here. I never made a clone as they claim” Pranav replies in a solid tone.

As Mukund indulges in consuming tea and silently observing both, Satya continues “Let’s assume you are not at all connected with this, I would ask you 5 why’s to test that.”

Satya: Why are you here now ??
Pranav: You think I made a human clone

Satya: Why do we think so ??
Pranav: Bcoz no one risks a kidnap of a dead body without a significant exchange.

Satya: Why do they want to exchange the clone formula with your daughter’s dead body ??
Pranav: They can create innumerable duplicates of a human out of a single DNA unit, which can be a billion-dollar business in the secret market.

Satya: Why is that, you didn’t make use of it and became a billionaire?
Pranav: This is absurd, I never made a clone. I don’t know where this is coming from. I just make soaps in my factory.

Satya: Why are the traces of a lab and human specimens are recovered at your soap factory?

Before Pranav answers, Mukund smashes the teacup onto the floor, jumps off furiously and smacks Satya to the table and yells “Because you framed it so

Mukund strikes Satya with a couple more of hard slaps. Satya recovers for a moment, but continues to receive prolonged slaps on face everytime he tries to say “Mukund!!“. The rain of slaps halts after a spell of more than dozen slaps. Mukund rocks down Satya’s face to the table and points out the gun to his head. “I did it, I am the masked guy in the video” shouts Satya.

Satya is pushed into the interrogation seat by Mukund, replacing Pranav. “Let’s play your game of 5 why’s now” Mukund voices out amidst heavy gasping. Satya is almost beaten up into pulp, with bleeding and swollen face the very look of him is quite disturbing to Pranav. It is otherwise to Mukund, who is still not out of fierce.

As Mukund questions, Satya answers them in a trembling voice..

Mukund: Why is that, you are beaten up now?
Satya: You think I framed the lab scene in Pranav’s soap factory.

Mukund: Why do I think so ??
Satya: No idea !!

Mukund continues to strike Satya, as Satya responds ‘No idea! No idea! No idea!’ “Bloody, you couldn’t even last for two why’s. How better are you than a suspect ??” Mukund proclaims in a loud voice.

Only me and Prathap who is in the inspection of the soap factory knows the existence of lab and the recovery of human specimens. I never quoted to anyone till now. How did you know this ?? the first arousal of suspicion was the moment I spotted you on the ice factory. How come someone else can trace your hunt on newspaper dispatch guys within such a short time without your co-operation ?? the second breakthrough was the moment I found the traces of blood stains on your trousers. You may have cleaned it. Mind you, the blue light in the ice factory projected your ugly side.

There is nothing called perfect crime. In this case, the trial is the location you chose to manipulate. For someone who knows how the forensic examination works, I don’t think a further description is needed how a blue light absorbs blood, gunshot residues and inks that are not observable to the naked eye.

Finally, the confirmation of Kalki’s dead body at the soap factory revealed your plot of scamming Pranav in a closed loop of crime. As you are a closed knit in the investigation team, you thought any possibility of information related to clone that pops out from Pranav can be transmitted to your source.

Before I break you down into pieces, tell me who is your partner in crime ??”

Note:- Episode 8 is been constructed on the below most voted plot chosen by the readers. A pure interactive form of story weaving !
  • Satya's crime partner revelation 79%, 11 votes
    11 votes 79%
    11 votes - 79% of all votes
  • Kalki's deadbody kidnap backstory 14%, 2 votes
    2 votes 14%
    2 votes - 14% of all votes
  • Kalki's autopsy and LOFTAIR inhaler results 7%, 1 vote
    1 vote 7%
    1 vote - 7% of all votes
Total Votes: 14
February 20, 2018 - February 26, 2018
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Storyboard credits: Noelia Dickson (Web address)

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