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It’s 8:00 AM on the first day of 2018 at the King Edward Memorial Hospital. Kalki’s dead body is undergoing autopsy, which is been recovered from the Pranav’s soap factory.

Pranav and Mukund are curiously awaiting for the break through from Satya. The pain tolerance of Satya gradually limped down and he starts revealing his testimony “Mukund, the backstory of ‘why I did this?’ is nothing fascinating much than a quench for extra money. But ‘how I did this?’ may be curious enough for you. It all started with a phone call from an unknown number when I was attending the custody of autopsy procedure of the well known actress ‘Devi’. The plan was to steal a DNA sample of the actress by the team. The money offered to let it happen is far more than the life time savings I can end up in this job. After that first engagement, all the communications happened through crossword puzzles. I couldn’t trace down the origin of the call. You may not believe this, but you have to. Seriously, I don’t know to whom I am working for. I just receive orders to execute and I get paid for the successful deliveries.”

“wait, wait! you mean to say, you have traced Kristina despite you know you can be caught ??” questions Mukund.

Satya responds in a painful voice “Actually it’s the other way around. I never knew she too involved in this ,until I came through her connection with the crossword puzzles. Infact, I was in a dead run to catch the train at the Andheri station before you as part of secrecy protection”

“When did you kidnap Kalki’s dead body??” Mukund asks in a steady tone.

“I didn’t, I was informed to reach the soap factory and shoot the video. By the time I reached, the stage was already setup. I just enacted and uploaded the video to the suggested storage. I never cut down the sample body, the impact was resonated because of the bone breaking sound effects and optical illusion visuals. That’s why the barbaric scenes were framed out to blur the vision.”

“What could be the intention to drive me out of the station to the ice factory ? What’s is the connection of Pranav ?? Why did Dr.Aadesh pulled out Pranav from the station ??” Mukund’s mind is revolving around these thoughts.

Mukund looks up to Pranav in the same room and inquires “How close are you and Dr.Aadesh?” Before Pranav responds, Mukund mobile starts ringing “Yes! is it? How?” after a pause for listening he continues “alright, I would be there soon. Inform Prathap to come over there with Kalki’s autopsy report as soon it arrives”

closing the call, Mukund picks Pranav and starts walking off the interrogation room “Dr. Aadesh shot himself and left a letter behind for you.” Pranav shocks to hear the news. Soon both reaches the incident area, Mukund reads through the letter and hands over to Pranav for a glance.

“Dear Pranav, I am not guilty or soft enough to beg for forgiveness. I feel privileged to end up my life in this way, as this is the less painful way to do so. I cannot rest in peace as you are anymore even after death. It is true, I am the key individual behind all these happenings. But I never killed your daughter. Last night, I saw your daughter at the college bridge, and we had a healthy discussion as we always do. Over night chillness initiated Kalki to lend her jacket to this poor shivering chap in the winter night. As we hold on for a brief passage of time at the bridge end, she suddenly started wheezing and suffered to take breath. As per her instructions, while I was trying to grab the inhaler that is been placed in her jacket I was wearing in, She fell over the bridge onto a cop’s van. You know what happened next. Soon I realized she lost her life in the hospital I am working in. Noone killed her, possibly the autopsy reveals what it is all about. Coming back to the game, you informed – the most happiest result of all your experiments is a human clone you made many years back. Despite of how hard I tried to seek more, you were resistant to reveal anything apart from the clones are alive since 20 years and is in Mumbai now. We built a secret network to collect the DNA samples through tooth brushes across colleges in Mumbai. Still the hunt is on. I know what would happen to me, once the cops gets close to me. Though I leave now, the hunt goes on. No one can catch the power behind this.”

Pranav looks up to Mukund and says “Yes, I made human clone. Infact not one – it’s a pair.”

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  • Identification of the source behind the hunt of human clone 45%, 5 votes
    5 votes 45%
    5 votes - 45% of all votes
  • Kalki's Autopsy report secret 9%, 1 vote
    1 vote 9%
    1 vote - 9% of all votes
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February 27, 2018 - March 5, 2018
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Storyboard credits: Noelia Dickson (Web address)

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