(A’MAZE) Episode 3 – In the bunker, with the Hitler10 min read

Disclaimer: The Depicted story is a work of fiction, in the interest of dramatizing the narration, the writer may have surpassed the historical accuracy. The intention here is to weave a fictional point of view around the last hours during Hitler’s death.

* * *

Achu, the 8-year old boy wakes up from a deep sleep and feels a dose of glee to witness his pet deer Chanchal sleeping in his lap. The joy short lived as he realizes both are stocked inside a wooden box that is locked outside. The only relief is the slight passage at one of the sides of the box, that is letting a decent amount of air and light into the closet. He thinks of tapping the top of the box to open it, but holds on to that urge by hearing a series of marriage vows from a couple that followed up with a priest declaration.

In a traumatized shock, he shuts the mouth of Chanchal with his hand and tries to be as quiet as possible and continues to closely observe the sounds originating from the outer world.

A rhythmic pattern of footsteps is getting louder and closer. A couple of male voices shouted “Heil Hitler!! Heil Hitler!!” and one among them started to talk “führer, red army almost reached the center of our troops. We hardly have any chance now. Please, Please leave Berlin now. This night is idle for escape. I am afraid it would be too late to even feel guilt tomorrow.” Suddenly a strong slap is heard. Achu almost felt it hit him, and in that reflex, he consoled his cheek with the right hand for a moment, quickly makes out from his stupidity and shuts sleeping deer’s mouth with his both hands again. Through that small passage of the box, he finds the side view of a man shouting in an animated voice with finger’s pointing in his opposite direction..

“Scoundrels, you cheated me. Every one of you has cheated me. I shouldn’t have believed you. I should have done it myself, as I used to in all these years. I was almost there to rule the entire world. I won these Russians once, how different are they now ?? they are the same – weak, blunt, tenuous. If you say, I have to flee now, it proves you are inert than those insects. You all cheated me.” Shhhh ! the man calms down for a second and settles down on the chair. Achu recognizes the toothbrush mustache on that lean middle-aged man and laughs in a very low voice as he looks funny to him. The man continues “I am not going anywhere. Hey !! listen, everyone, tomorrow morning I am treating all of you with a breakfast. Pitch in”

Achu finds a lady hand meeting this man sitting on his chair, and he stands up and walks away. Soon Achu hears a couple of blaberring male voices

Man1: “Peter, We all gonna die”

Man2: “John, führer is going to die, that’s more important. Oh !! we almost missed shifting this box. Come on, give your hand. This box has to be moved to führer’s room now”

John: Hold on, what’s this thing ??

Peter: I dunno the stock stuffed in. This one belongs to Eva Braun. Rather I should say Eva Hilter now. Questions later, I don’t want to die at least before tomorrow’s treat. Carry off !!

John and Peter lift the box on each side and starts moving towards Hitler’s room. With this sudden tilt, the round maze toy shuffles to hit an edge of the box, Chanchal gets off in a split, hits its head to the top of the box and cries with pain. Achu is quick enough to mute the cry with his hands and forcefully keeps the deer quiet. In the journey, Achu and Chanchal peek into tensed men dressed in army attires, young ladies sitting at the edge of a table and typing seriously on a typewriter, young lads attending to two-piece telephones. In one shot, the theme of the box’s journey is ‘tension’, to be precise ‘hypertension’.

Suddenly a chorus of cheers and joyful shouts knocks down the total theme of tension. Achu powers up hearing senses by nicking his ears onto the surface of the box. Curious deer follows her master. “Hey folks, where are you up to ?? what’s that stupid garbage box” A voice inquires John and Peter. In an act of acknowledgment, they trip down the carrying box onto the ground “This is not garbage box, this one belongs to führer’s wife’s”. “then, I was damn right! her choice is definitely a garbage” as the other voice replies in a sarcastic note, the place erupts with the loud laughs of the folks gathered at the place. John yells “Are you crazy ?? don’t you want to live? If at all führer listens to this, you are gone. Mind you !!”

Again the place packed with loud laughs, and the other man continues “Poor chap! first, you get this. Noone going to see the light after tomorrow. Noone, I bet you no one. The distance between the red army and us is just of führer’s mustache long. I believe you are a new bee here. You know what, bazooka would have killed more than any other weapon in this world. But there is a weapon that surpassed bazooka. That is our….No ! not anymore !! that is your führer – Hitler the great. Heil Hitler !!” Soon John and Peter realize the man is under the influence of alcohol, thus both try to lift the box and move forward.

The drunken man catches them and draws both to the chairs nearby “Wait, Wait.I have to tell an incident to you. One evening me along with my defense troop folks were guarding Hitler and his accompanied neighbor country’s general. It’s a high-tea at the terrace of a 21 storey building. After a couple of sips, the general started telling to Hitler “You can’t see any army loyal than ours. Never, ever a soldier met fear or grief in their journey. Most importantly they act in my fingertips. I doubt this can happen anywhere else.”

Before he picked his next line, Hitler snapped the saucer of his teacup with a spoon which produced a ‘TING’ sound, immediately one of the soldiers guarding them furiously runs towards the edge of the terrace and jumps off it to hit the ground and die. Hitler sips the tea and in disgust picks a spoon of sugar, mixes up with the tea and snaps the spoon again, same ‘TING’ sound repeats, another soldier runs and jumps off the terrace. The general shackles and stands off his seat in an unbelievable shock. “General, the quality of tea in Berlin is getting worse. My doctor recommends avoiding sugar. But this bloody tea demands more sugar what to do ??” Hitler picks up another spoon of sugar, mixes with the tea and as expected, a ‘TING’ resounded, another soldier is rushing towards the death. The general tries to pull off the soldier from the suicide “Leave me, sir, Please leave me. Death is better than living in this army. You are actually trying to rip off my luck.” the soldier yells the general, forcefully gets rid of his guard and jumps off to hit the ground and meet the heaven. The general returns to his seat and is in full of fear. Hitler replied, “This is my army, I can control even with a snap of a spoon”. “

Peter and John shocked to hear this incident, Achu is shell-shocked to discover the other side of the funny guy with a toothbrush mustache. The drunken man continues..“Imagine, how hard it would have been to work with him in those mad days. I wish I had the luck, next ‘TING’ was meant for me. I waited these many days to meet the death. Finally, I am here now. I don’t want to die in a sorrow and fearful thought.” everyone shed tears in pain. With a heavy heart, the duo carries the box and places at a corner in the Hitler’s room. As there were none inside, both leave the place quietly without any trace.

The room is filled with silence, no one around, nothing moved. After a long spell of being quite, Achu channelizes his energies to break the closed lid of the wooden box. He tries, again and again, all the night, in vain. Finally quits and drifts into a deep sleep, even Chanchal after a series of attempts lets it go and settled onto her master’s lap for a luxurious rest. The night goes by, next day morning goes by in sleep. Achu wakes up to a conversation between the newly married couple.

Eva with a chuckle, while talking with the Hitler, starts walking towards the box without losing the eye contact and opens the lock of the closed box “What an eventful breakfast that was. Classy and delightful as you are.”

As if she missed something, she returns and sits next to him. The box lock is opened now. Achu sensed Eva’s action and is eagerly waiting for the best moment to break out.

Hitler (sighs): What made you stay with me ?? In the first place, Why did you risk to come here from Munich ?? the world says I am cold hearted, rude, mad. Don’t you see that?

Eva: I choose peace than being alive. I prefer experiencing love to explaining it. I prefer you and I choose you.

I choose peace than being alive. I prefer experiencing love to explaining it. I prefer you and I choose you.

Hitler: But I have to say this. I never wanted this nation to be weak. The best way to do is remove them. Noone can make a weak stronger, it is just a mad attempt and illusion. The breaking point of a human never varies.

He continues to depict the incident with the general which triggered soldier’s to jump off the building to her and finishes like this “In one way, you can say I am mad of power. Yes, I would like to enact so. But who these soldiers are ?? who is this general ?? aren’t they vulnerable. Aren’t they weak links ?? these weak links kills the nation as it did today. I killed weak links. Yet here we are, suffocated in this underground bunker and counting the seconds.”

Eva: Relax, it’s all over. You chose this. We chose this. Let’s end this with dignity.

(Hitler Places his pistol and couple of cyanide capsules on to the table before Eva.)

Hitler: This kill-pill has to be bitten to open up, and it would rip off your life in 10-15 seconds. Easier and better than the red army.

He controls the tears and lifts the gun to explain “This is my mate, a kind of wife. I would end with this along with the pills. I have this strange feeling of winning a war within and conquering the world. I lived on my own terms and I am dying as so. By all means, my world starts with me and ends with it. Noone can conquer me anymore?”

(Eva and Hitler hugs each other and Eva bites the kill-pill and dies in less than 10 seconds.)

Hitler (on a giggling note): The quality is not bad, Made in Berlin. Proud of you folks !!

Achu opens the door of the wooden box slightly to peek through the happenings, Chanchal quietly looks up as well. Both are terrorized with Eva’s dead body and the aura of Hitler holding the gun in this hand. Achu shuts the door and hides in fear. A gunshot sound erupts !!

The whole bunker shakes up with the sound and the maze toy shuffles inside the box with the reflex movement of Achu and Chanchal due to the gunshot sound. The three marbles in the toy gather at the origin of the maze. Boom !! Achu and Chanchal disappear.

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