writer ‘genie’ is probably the first interactive storytelling platform where the readers decide the story plots of the upcoming episodes of the series post the initial pitch rather than the sole writer.

Why should writers have all the fun in creating? what if the readers have the liberty to change the course of a narration stream? I believe it’s gonna be an altogether different experience for both.


1.First Episode of a story series with an open-ended climax would be published as an Episode on a Tuesday.

2. Readers are provided with 3 different themes to choose the story plot for the subsequent episode till Sunday

3. An episode constructed on the most selected theme would be published on the subsequent Tuesday again with 3 plots to poll at its end.

4. Repeat step 2 to 3 till the series goes on.

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Purely a democratic form of weaving stories by the readers, for the readers, and to the readers!

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