What is Writer Genie?

writer ‘genie’ is an interactive storytelling platform where the readers decide the story plots of the upcoming episodes of the series post the initial pitch rather than the sole writer.

How it works?

1. First Episode of a story series with an open-ended climax would be published as an Episode on a Tuesday.

2. Readers are provided with 3 different themes to choose the story plot for the subsequent episode till Sunday

3. An episode constructed on the most selected theme would be published on the subsequent Tuesday again with 3 plots to poll at its end.

4. Repeat step 2 to 3 till the series goes on.

What are the writer genie Terms of use?

You can go through the full writer genie Terms of use here.

Where can I find the stories to read?

All the story series would be posted under ‘STORIES’ section

When does story publications happen?

Every Tuesday 7:00 PM IST / 9:30 PM SGT / 9:30 EST

How can I choose the story plot for the upcoming episode of a story series?

A voting option with 3 different story plots would be available at the end of every episode. You can poll your vote.

Till when the polling would be open?

Every Sunday 7:00 PM IST / 9:30 PM SGT / 9:30 AM EST

Does stories available to read after polling gets closed?

Yes, forever.

How can I log my response to the stories posted?

You can comment your response at the end of each post.

How can I reach out writer genie team for a personal communication?

We love to hear back from you, drop your messages at the contact form here.

Can I post the stories published in public domains and social networks?

You can share the stories via the social sharing links provided on the site. However direct transmission of content is an offense, a violation of copyright act.

I would like to get notified of updates from writer genie team. How can I do that?

Please subscribe with your email address at the “GET NOTIFIED ON UPCOMING STORIES” section.